August 7, 2018 broken open


“You will show me the way of life.”

Psalms 16:11 NLT

Good morning, God’s Child.

I’ve been at the heart hospital with dad the past couple of days. Hospitals are thinking places. At least for me. You know, over and over we get broken by the daily events of life. And, over and over we get opened up -not so much by the predictable … but usually I’m surprised by the nuances that break me open. There seems to be an unwritten code that is sent with each life: ‘you will get broken and opened in ways that will surprise you.’ It can be a weary journey. Others have gone before us. They’ve set examples of crumbling into a puddle and giving up under the weight, or opening up to be shown the way through the journey with their faith and vision. Dad’s a faith and vision guy. His heart beat is in afib at the moment and his heart history and his body chemistry makes him a “difficult case”. His norm is to go full throttle into getting things done, but his heart team is working slower and more cautiously than he would like. It gets frustrating. Yet, even here, as our visiting loves come in and out, carrying their life-stuff, just like dad being guided through in this hurry-up-and-wait time, we are being shown the hand of God guiding each other. His vibrant voice calling each one in every beat, His hand gently guiding, “this is the way, my child, walk with Me here”. We keep being reminded that it is in being broken open that faith and vision open the doors that open our hearts, expands our understanding, and leads us into strong places with our Creator.

Wake up.

Break open to be shown life.


August 6, 2018 come to Me


“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 HCSB)

Be still, DearOne.

Go to the Healer.

Give your heart permission to calm and back away from the fear of “what-if”.

Seek out the Calming Force himself. Take Him to meet the restless spirits face-to-face.

Have you noticed that calming, like healing, is a quest? It is an ongoing practice, not a single event. Every person’s healing is different, unfolding at slower layers of time. Every raw and messy complication has it’s own crackling personality to be dealt with. Each complication, full of unique energy that can change our perspective … throw us into darkness, then push our heart to the surface and help us see new streams of light, a way we’ve not seen before. Or, if we choose to ignore the Master in the trial, the event can burn ulcers – black holes through every delicate layer of your being.

Complications can be painful. Pain has it’s purpose like every other emotion.

It rises,





Yet, when handed to God Most High, it has the power to transform us.

Choose your yoke carefully. Especially the ones that change everything.

Wake up.

Limp on.

Healing is working.


August 1, 2018 Light guise


November 21, 2014 tamed power

‘The gentle are blessed, for they will inherit the earth.’ (Matthew 5:5 HCSB)

Good Morning, DearOne!

It is common to think of one who is meek as one who is weak. But, it seems to me that is a mistake. Those of us who choose to submit to the the authority of Christ are far from weak. Rather, the power is under radical control.

Tamed power.

One of the most powerful things you and I can do in these days, our stormy hours, is stand up in peaceful resilience and let the Christ-filled soul be seen. And, to respect His Spirit in others … sense His light in others guiding you toward them. For all we know, that wandering, Spirit-driven, goat-collecting, eccentric that lives at the end of a dirt road at the edge of town may know more about the workings of the world than any professor, or poet, or president.

Spread your respect.

Wake up.

Let Light be your guide.


July 30, 2018 raindrop


“When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, And He causes the clouds to ascend from the end of the earth; He makes lightning for the rain, And brings out the wind from His storehouses.” Jeremiah 10:13 NASB

Good morning, DearOne.

God’s Word uses nature to make His point. We can relate better that way.

What’s on your heart this morn? You know, deep down, that the very heart-thing on your mind is where God’s power is at work, right? Yes. That’s where The Holy is crafting … in His way of diving down further, into the center of your ‘deal’ … diving down, then coming up behind the issue, laying out different perspectives for your understanding – for your healing.

He allows you time in your deal to practice calling unto Him – calling Him in with powerful whirlwind-like attributes – a central force of determination, which … when focused, rather than scattered gives tremendous energy. That is Him. That is your Savior, Beloved.

Powerful beyond measure.

Powerful on your behalf.

The Holy Spirit, moving in you, with His fierce attitude at the ready.

When you choose to empty yourself of all of your human ego, and make eye contact with your Creator, then that ‘deal’, that issue, that place of pain haunting you shivers in weakness. It shutters and its skin ripples across its muscles … and, in inferiority, the enemy becomes the victim to the Power of the winds of the Holy.

You are so much more than you think you are.

Allow Him to rise in you, and let Him come alive in you.

Wake up.

Summons the cleansing rain of the Holy.


July 18, 2018 ridges


‘Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.’ (Luke 24:45 HCSB)

Hello, BlessedOne,

Our youth are full-in at Falls Creek – lives are changing. Hearts are softening and opening. There’s nothing like watching the face of another when the lights come on … except, perhaps, feeling the lights come on within me. There’s no mystic magic, no angel bait that has been spread all around – just the simplest prayer, “Holy Spirit, reveal your truth to me.”

The request places you and me into a kinship with His Word – He assists us to a brand new understanding with even the most familiar old verses … as if we are inside them, rather than as though they are outside of us. The simpleness of “help me, Lord” slides open a window where we can enter into inner hearing.

Listen now, to the God of guidance. Listen with soul-hearing. Listen, and He sews His wisdom by relaying impulses from His knowledge into the fibers of your muscles. Feel Him melting the clouds and leveling the ridges.

Wake up.

Breathe Him in through His Word.


July 17, 2018 release the critic


“You are the God who does wonders; You have declared Your strength among the peoples.” Psalms 77:14 NKJV

Good morning, Dearheart.

Have you taken time yet this morning to witness the light that is around you? To separate yourself from your to-do list and soak in the majesty of your Maker? I look at my loves and those closest to my heart this morning and



I call in praise to our Creator, God Most High …

oh, the work He is doing in their hearts – in their hours. Like a fine architect, I see His hand; He is building and building and building.


And, miracles.

And, strength through the trials and the through their pursuit to do His will.

Awe, my Lord.

To Him all the glory as His ways are right. My heart sings fresh!

Look around you. See that one in the corner. Witness him reconnecting, and realigning – though the storms tossed him about … now, he is back … bear witness to his Light.


My God does wonders like that. Take notice, Beloved.

Wake up.

See His wonders, alive and active in your loves.


July 16, 2018 campers


‘In all these things we are more than victorious through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that not even death or life, angels or rulers, things present or things to come, hostile powers, height or depth, or any other created thing will have the power to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord!’ (Romans 8:37-39 HCSB)

Good morning CalledOne,

CourageousOne, ChangedOne,

It takes courage, DearHeart, to get to know your soul; have you noticed? And, even more courage to nod, inviting the Most High to enter into your minutes.

Our youth are leaving for Falls Creek this morn. They are stepping into an experience of being saturated by the Holy Spirit and my heart can hardly contain the joy!

Taking a step beyond the flesh-of-the-day garb is not normal. The enemy will throw darts at every step; like our campers, you and I must be prepared. Satan knows he can’t compete with the power of your Maker.

Not even close.

The more you get to know your soul – and engage the Authority of El Elyon, the God of Perfect Control, the more you engage His POWER in your life and live in His AUTHORITY. At every “yes, Lord”, The Divine Himself wraps you up and pulls you deeper into Him.

DearOne, let this saturate your cells a moment:

once you are conscious of your SOUL,







It’s not all lollipops and rainbows. Answering His call will take you to both intensely light and intensely dark places. He will take you anywhere you need to go …


and again,

and again,

in order to meet Him in intimacy.

The journey will take you through every kind of emotion there is. And, you will be left hungry for more of Him.

His ways are perfect.

His ways are right.

He is FOR you.

Wake up.

Agree to your soul-journey.



July 13, 2018 big game


Hey, ShiningStar!

I love ‘rise to the occasion’ kind of days! They prove that what you were born for is REAL! Your Maker has assigned a host of beings in the heavenlies to celebrate your arrival to “big game” days. The choice on where your mind floods your focus matters today – so here is what you do:

-rock your world with discipline to stay in the moment,

-from breath to breath brace your calm … brace down into the earth, unmoved, like a boulder, ready to spring into action in a split second.

-your fueled passion kicks in one beat at a time. Let the Holy Spirit set your beat-to-beat fighting rhythm. Rise out from being swept away by the stupidity of surface emotions. Stay in the rhythm.

It’s days like this, moments full of color you can’t describe – full of lift and strength … that your passion kicks in with a low hum.

Yes, the fire you were born for is real.

BAM! He is your Power Surge. Every breakthrough victory leads to your bliss.

Isn’t every day big-game day?

Buckle down.

Rise up.


‘But let him ask in faith without doubting. For the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind.’ (James 1:6 HCSB)

July 12, 2018 sit


‘May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You, Lord my rock and my Redeemer.’ Psalm 19:14

Good morning, DearOne.

You know, I think one of the most crucial steps to restoring your daily faith is simply getting still enough to claim the MAJESTY of our Creator.

No matter what pulls and tugs to distract you – start now.

Sit in his presence a moment. Reach beyond the abuse of the to-do list,

beyond the “other people’s expectations”,

beyond the uncontrollables.

Sit in his presence a moment.

Set in your desire to

know Him more.

Feel Him more.

Praise Him more.

He is with you.

He has picked up your morning praise.

Picked up your requests.

Picked up the golden thread that holds you secure and weaves your desires into your miracles.

Thank Him.

Sit in his presence a moment.

Set Him in …

to every part of the words you’ll speak today,

every movement,

every behavior.

Recite thank you’s for His guidance and for keeping your energy and your desires open and ready to receive His miracles.

Wake up.

Sit in his presence a moment.


July 11, 2018 stillness


‘He got up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Silence! Be still! ” The wind ceased, and there was a great calm. (Mark 4:39 HCSB)

Be still SweetSoul!

What are you telling your rioting thoughts? Are you letting them run loose, Dearheart?

God Almighty has a take-control plan for that. But, first you have to be in agreement with Father God that you will trust Him in the wild and wooly spaces.

You see – faith can’t be inherited.

It can’t be rationalized.

It is highly simple.

It comes from experience of close encounters with Jesus in our own ways – through our own stuff.

Those wild and wooly, helter-shelter, disabling thoughts transform us by your choice to put your faith in action. Your choice. Partner up with the Most High and cover each one with the best-outcome your faith can muster.

You’ll gain new eyes.

You’ll gain a willing mind.

You’ll gain a heart hungrier than ever to stay right there, in His presence.

As the Creator’s masterpiece, you have the adventure of accepting yourself as a bundle of possibilities – riding the most interesting game on the planet: making the most of your best parts. And, you have the power of faith in Him to bolster you.

Choose to make this day faith-filled.

Wake up.

Be still.

Silence yourself and ease into faith.