September 19, 2019 so close


Good morning, DearHeart.

All three of my sons have either recently moved or are about to move to different homes. And the process with each home has been, well … a process.

Sometimes tedious.

Sometimes tiring.

Sometimes frustrating.

I keep remembering one of my father-in-law’s, Poppy’s, daily, go-to phrases: “anything worth doing is worth doing right”; and if it wasn’t right he made us back up and start over. He was a perfectionist. No shortcuts. He taught us to stick with it even when it was hard. Because, he knew the reward and the pride that would come for a job well done. He knew it would be so worth it. He was right …

* “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NIV).

* “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV).

* “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” (Hebrews 10:35,36).

We are not to give up. We are to be persistent & persevere. We really cannot conceive all that God has for us.

You know, I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago, or ten years ago. Life changes us and shapes us.

I have found myself wondering …What did I miss those times I gave up? Could it be that I gave up when I was right on the edge? Was I on the verge of a breakthrough? Could it be that something was about to happen? Perhaps about to change? May I be faithful to keep on keeping on.

At all times.

In all ways.

You just never know when something will reap a harvest … always at the proper time.

The Proper Time = His time.

Wake up.

Press on. You’re so close.


September 17, 2019 priorities


Good morning, DearHeart.

Priorities… what are your choices today?

How will you think?

What will you do?

With whom will you share this gift of a day?

Will you choose email over prayer? Will you go to the fridge to numb your boredom, or go to the Word to gain His direction?

Where’s your habit meter when it comes to obeying your inner call to stay in touch with your Christ? Whether it is through the flame of a fireplace or a candle, the voice from a soul He sends your way, playing with a child, or cuddling with your pup … be fully awake to allow the voice of your Savior break through your Spirit.

Send Your angels of protection, Lord. Help me guard my priorities.

Have mercy.

Your mercy is lovely.

Lift my courage, please.

I need You.

I love You.

Thank You, Father.

Thank you.

Prayer diffuses from us in all shapes and sizes and avenues. Each one spoken brings grace in. Our hearts are the alter, and this is the place to begin to reap the rewards of sacred priorities.

Sacred choice.

Attend first the call of The Holy Spirit, and His work in you and me becomes His work of art.

This day will be His work of art in us.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” Matthew 6:33

Wake up.

Quietly invite your Savior.

Priority one.


September 13, 2019 courageous


Good morning, DearHeart.

Sometimes, there are no words to help one’s courage. They just have to jump. There has to be a decision point – a crossroads … where we decide we will trust where Love takes us … where we fear more of staying stuck in this place, this dry cracked riverbed of gloom, than stepping out where lush uncharted territory awaits us. It seems to me, that when life gets too controlled, there is less and less life left to learn. And, we lose thought that even petty, daily life are not without meaning.

All of the minutes can be used as life’s growth energy … the ragged, the jagged, and the lifting and soaring.

The Holy Spirit calls … saying … “any wound you carry can be healed … new life follows the old … awaiting”. It takes superhuman courage to trust that there is deeper meaning to the longing and discontent you have been through.

“Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:13-14, NLT)

Our confidence and hope lies in the Lord’s presence with us. He is for us and while life may not always deliver good or pleasant news, we are assured of the Lord’s goodness; here as the soles of our feet feel the soil of this earth.

In writing this psalm, David reminds us to take in the wonders of God’s grace –

His beauty,

His protection, and

His goodness towards us.

Fully assured of Who held the future, David was enabled to hold on bravely and with courage. He was able to wait patiently for God to unfold his future. He garnered courage to leap.

God is plotting for our joy. The storyline He has written for our life contains joy. We may not see it in this moment, but it is there, waiting to be released into our life … be ready to pounce, though. He may ask us to jump for it.

Wake up.

Leap with courage.


September 11, 2019 freeze


Good morning, DearHeart.

When we were little we played a game called freeze tag. Do you remember that? A bunch of kids full of energy and movement. One kid calls out stop and everyone has to stay still in the position they are in. The one who stays still the longest, wins.

It was never easy. Being still, motionless for a long time, does not come easily.

And life is like that at times. So much to do. It all needs to get done and it all seems to be on your shoulders.

So you keep on moving.

At times you make progress.

Other days, it seems like you moved quickly and went nowhere.

As women and wives and moms, we want to have it all ready. Make things right. Have all the solutions. I think at times, I have thought this was my job in life.

Yet for the last few weeks, He has called me to be still in things I can’t control. Be calm. It’s not coming easy. For in being still, I am discovering – I am helpless to change or fix every circumstance in our lives. I would feel hopeless except in being still, He has brought this confidence ….

I may be still.

But, He is not.

“And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today.

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14:13-14 ESV

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.’ Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. 2 Chronicles 20:17 ESV

Wake up.

Stay still. Freeze tag.

God is moving for you.


September 10, 2019 fills


“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.” Isaiah 6:1 NIV

Good Morning, Child of the King.

Hymns and Hallelujahs.

High and lofty, on His throne.

Exalted. Exalted.

There He is.

Here He is.

Filling every part of this heart.

A fresh filling.

Knitted in this heart high and lofty.

Surrounded by angel armies. As deep as the eye can see.

And, deeper still.

They flow and sway in waves of worship.

The very hem of His Holiness radiates light through and through.

Live here, Lord.

Allow every cell to burst alive with Your presence.

You shift my inner world from smokey gray to seamless sky blue. Crystal presence.

Presence. Presence.

Fill this temple. Overflow. And, the temple of that one, too. That our eyes search for and see You. Adonai.

Honoring and praising with emotions simply consumed as we witness You moving hearts in infinite swells to ever more of Your GLORY.

Allow the symphony of the angel armies to carry me into the state of Your presence like gravity has fallen from the earth.

King of Kings.

Lord of my life.

Let every ounce of my whole world be filled with Your GLORY.

Wake up.

Enter in.


September 9, 2019 ever-present


Good morning, DearHeart.

Monday’s bring a certain passage … a certain new beginning … a certain newness … prepare your heart so you are ready to hear Father God’s guidance.

Jesus told Nicodemus, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear it’s sound, but you cannot hear where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)

We are not called to live by human reason, Beloved. All that matters is obedience to God’s Word and his leading in our lives. If Father God says “go”, we’ll go. If He says “stay” we’ll stay.

When we are in His will, we are in the safest place in the world.

When I was a little girl, I saw God as a distant Mighty One who created everything. Now, after all these years of twists and tangles, Jesus has become my ever-present friend….with me all the time…an indescribable, everlasting companionship.

Wake up. Feel His constant presence. Go.

September 6, 2019 move


Good morning, DearHeart.

There must be some kind of invisible clock in wildlife that tells them “Move around. It is September”. They have been active out here this week:






spiders weaving intricate webs.

I wonder, does the deer know how beautiful she is when she leaps?

Or, the coyote know the unique, haunting beauty of his sound when he joins in the song of the pack?

Is the hummingbird mesmerized by the buzzing of the snap of its wings?

Dearheart, learn from them. Each acts in its own God-breathed true nature….we, too are uniquely made. We have Holy permission to move into strengths the Creator has fit in us. No need to draw back from or hide our natural beauty.

Like the creatures, just as they are – we are just right.

‘Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time.’ (Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT)

Wake up.

Move around.


September 5, 2019 grinning


Good morning, DearHeart.

The llamas in the field about 3 miles from my home make me grin every morning. How can you look at one and not grin? What kind of God thought up such a thing?! Even llamas have a purpose.

Your eyes opened this morning, therefore your purpose is real.

This is the day. THE day.

The one that has been assigned for you to receive

more light,

a new perspective,

a new smile … even in this ordinary day.

This day is delivering your incredible opportunity … simply because you opened your eyes and arose.

You will impact eternity.

You already have.

When you, in faith, ask Father God to release more of Him to you, to give you a higher dose of His Holy Spirit, when you ask Him to consume a greater portion of you to bring Him glory …

His grace pushes in.

His force strengthens beyond anything you could have imagined.

Your perspective impacts His ability to use you, even today.

“Give me more LIGHT, Father. No matter what, Lord – give me eyes to see the potential You are unlocking through me “

My precious friend, the Creator of the Universe will rewrite your bio. His DNA in you re-codes His image over yours. With everything in you, ask Him for your reset.

This is the day.

Do not underestimate His purpose in you and the impact of that purpose for His Kingdom.

‘Therefore, be imitators of God, as dearly loved children. Ephesians 5:1

Wake up.

Be re-coded.


September 4, 2019 sit


Good morning, DearHeart.

Sometimes, I just forget to get still and simply FEEL God … to feel loved by our Creator … held by God Most High. I know He is with me, but sometimes I fail to truly experience Him in my mundane.

“GOD said, “My presence will go with you. I’ll see the journey to the end.” Exodus 33:14 MSG

Pause. Set aside a moment and in your mind, see your Maker’s very bright light above your head.

Let His holiness wash down over you,

over your head,

your shoulders,

down your back,


and legs.

You are allowing His light to wash through every cell, every major organ of your body. His light holds you in safety as He releases

every hesitation,

every worry,

and every bitter expression.

He prepares your breaths for gratitude. He loosens up the darkest areas for release.

He created the universe from nothing-you can trust Him completely to give you all the energy you need to release the any harmful thought, or pattern, or habit. He allows you to bring the gift of gratitude, and forgiveness, and compassion, and joy home to your heart. Just sit with Him a moment. Let Him remind you He is with you every moment of this earthly journey. Gosh. He is so good to us.

Wake up.

Pause in His presence.


September 3, 2019 bullseye


Good morning, DearHeart.

The other night I had the most bizarre dream that a mom-friend and I were staying in an abandon cabin south of Carnegie fighting dinosaurs. She had to leave to go get her son, so I stayed there and kept fighting. We were not scared, we were just fighting the dinosaurs like it was an everyday, normal process.

How bizarre is that?! And, why would I dream such a thing?! I woke Dale to tell him about it – he was not as amused as I was, haha!

God has been teaching me about dreams lately, but in the most unusual of ways. He is showing me we don’t start with the dream, we start with the Dream-Giver.

Picture a bullseye. 

In the center of the bullseye is God, and the assignments He has given us on a daily basis. For me, and for you, our jobs each and every day are the people and events right before us. It isn’t a mystery. There isn’t something to figure out. Who you serve and what you are “supposed” to be doing is right in front of you, with our God in the middle of it all. For me, that is my husband, my family, and the people that God continuously brings into life each day. For right now, there isn’t “something more” to discover. What I’m supposed to be doing, is what I’m already doing. “Stay the course”, He tells me.

The concentric circles, or outer circles, are what God is doing. Our hopes and dreams are in these circles. This is the place where we want to start because this is flashy and fun and glitzy to talk about. But this is not where we start. We start, in the bullseye.

God has shown me that I need to do a better job of discerning hard work from striving.

Motherhood is hard work, even when they’re grown.

Marriage is hard work.

Relationships are hard work.

Work is hard work.

Maintaining is hard work.

Some days, these are not the things I want to do because they are hard. Yet, they are the God given gifts and responsibilities that I have and ‘get’ to serve.

I get to be a wife.

I get to be a mom.

I get to go to a workplace and serve.

I get to do this work.

Staying in my bullseye with my Maker requires hard work, and I need to be ok with hard work.

Striving, on the other hand, is a struggle. It is what we do when we desperately try to bring something into fruition. Struggling looks like obsessions, distraction, and selfishness. Struggling is our attempt to do what only God can do. We struggle when we attempt to accomplish outer circle tasks on our own.

The outer circle with our hopes and dreams, like our inner bullseye target, is for and God alone. The outer circle is for Him to accomplish, or if He has already accomplished it, then it’s for Him to reveal to us in His own timing. We can’t hurry or rush or hustle enough to accomplish outer circle tasks. When we attempt to do this, though, that is called striving.

The opposite of striving, of course, is rest. And we rest most easily, in our bullseye.

“God wants us to be with Him before we do something for Him.” (Lysa TerKeurst)

All of us want to know who we are, what it is we are supposed to do with our life, and how to make this life count. But we can’t start with those things. We can’t start with us. We must start with the One who made us, and who will accomplish all of those things through us if we allow Him.

When we stay in our bullseye – in the knowledge of who God is and where He has placed us in this very moment in time – then we free ourselves from the impossible weight of trying to accomplish what isn’t ours to do. We return to our Creator and ask that He continue to remake us into the person He has made us to be.

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are “his workmanship.” So often the confusion and frustration that we feel in trying to discover “who we are,” though, is that we keep our eyes trained on ourselves. We will never discover who we are apart from Christ. When we start by learning who He is, though, we naturally start to discover who He made us to be.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10 ESV

Wake up.

Stay in the bullseye with God Almighty.