Welcome my friend! This blog came about as a challenge to my Youth Sunday School class to memorize 100 verses in 100 days.  Simple concept – “I’ll text you a verse each morning, and you memorize it each day”.

At the same time, I began journaling daily in the margins of a Bible for my oldest son, Levi. It was the beginning of his Sophomore year of high school. ..my thought was that I would write in his Bible every day from his Sophomore through Senior year, and that would be his graduation gift.  That way, in life, if he ever wonders. . . ‘hmm, I wonder what mom would think?” … he can just pick up His bible, knowing that is where I would start.

Well anyway, the morning text verses and the journaling co-mingled. So, not only were my Sunday School chickees getting the verse each day, they were also getting my thoughts. . . well, actually . . . I can’t take credit for anything I have ever written.  Not one original thought comes out of me – it is the collection of all those who have poured in from the time I was first placed in my mother’s arms, first held by my dad, first teased (a.k.a. loved, since I am the fav sister) by my brothers, first rocked by my grandparents, and my aunts, and all of the spiritual GIANTS that my folks made sure I was exposed to over the years.  Amazing collection of God’s people.

So, the 100 days continued through Levi’s graduation in 2009, by then, it was habit.  And,  Bryan was a Sophomore, so the habit continued.  Bryan graduated this year, 2012, and took his Bible with him. Now, Luke is a 7th grader. Luke is going to have a massive dose of his Mom by the time he graduates!! (tee, hee, hee!)

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