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August 16, 2017 an inefficient process.  Good Morn, DearHeart. Being on the short end of the stick happens as part of life. The enemy has planted a raw deal around every corner. Stalking. Knowing we beat ourselves up over happenings beyond our control. We tell ourselves, I should’ve beenwiser,tougher,better,smarter,should’ve not quit,not checked out,not allowed their betrayal,the should’ves go on and on. And, the should’ves come from an afraid place. An underlying fear. It is from the afraid place that our Father moves us into our story. He releases ever-more of His grace over us, and pours His oil into this empty vessel of a lamp – this grace releases us and moves us on in His light. Stop criticizing. Start praying for those who have used you poorly – not for them to change, but for God to bless that person or those people. When you turn your prayers around for them, you’ll find you are the one that gets changed. It won’t happen over night. It’s part of forgiving – and forgiving is an inefficient process. They are God’s children, too. Give yourself permission to see them as God sees them – with grace and understanding. Matthew 5:44 “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”Wake up. Send your blessing into them. Go. www.lewis3sunz.comTwitter @lewis3sunz


August 15, 2017 my people


Good morning, friend. 

You know the ones that are fixtures in your life – that you can’t remember what life was like before they occupied a part of you? How long has it been since you heartfelt said, “Father, thank you for ____.” Well, say it. From the heart. 

The one that lent you a hundred bucks that meant that bill got paid and fed you – they stuck it in your jacket pocket when you weren’t looking to save you any embarrassment. 

The one that went shopping with you when you had the interview. And, was with you when you got drenched in the pouring rain that night after the concert. 

The one that just showed up at the hospital when your dad was sick and time seemed so small. 

The one that said you can do this – if you can’t do it for you then do it for me. Please. 

The one that came over and brought supper and folded clothes and stared – just stared in wonder at your new baby with you. 

The one that gets you out of your brain and redirects you from going down that old road again but doesn’t judge you when you slip. Just picks up the pieces and moves on down the road. 

The one who comes down hard when you quit believing in yourself and doesn’t let up when you want to give up on your dreams. 

The one who is your constant reminder that God is real because only He would send you a safe harbor like that, a do-nothing/do-everything together mate who brings life water to you. Keeps the faith with you. 

They also remind you that you are God’s child. You belong to the Maker of the Universe. The apple of His eye. 

You are His. 

You are His. 

You are His. 

And, nothing can ever separate you from Him. 

Thank the Living God for choosing these people to place with you. He has chosen them – these chosen ones – through whom You glimpse more of His love. 

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Phil 1:3
Wake up. 

Notice your people. 


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August 14, 2017 delivery


Good morning, DeliveredOne.

Have you ever noticed that when God stretches you, you never go back to the original shape? The process of stretching makes weakened areas more suspect to pinhole tears where the enemy pounds and bruises trying to find a way in. This is especially you when you are in recovery mode and trying to find space to forgive someone. The heart runs its own stopwatch … non-attached to calendar days or years. And, the heart reminds you that it’s not a “gotcha” competition – “you are a loser, so I forgive you and that makes me the winner.” Arrogance disguised. 

Satan heaping weight on. 

Here’s the deal – the heart forgives when it is ready to forgive. And, it begins by forgiving yourself. 


The Holy Spirit allows love to flow from the place of self-forgiveness. Because, when you forgive yourself, everyone in the pain loop gains freedom in some way. Maybe you got blindsided; and time shows you that you had a role in being betrayed – you were scared. Maybe it was simple fear. That’s the point your story begins to change from betrayal to forgiveness. This is the place you stop letting the pain of the past hurt you in the present. You keep the life-lessons…and you send the rest into the Light of our Redeeming Savior. 

“All is forgiven” includes you. 

When we start applying prayer to our confidence in Christ, and His victory over past hurdles, He sends fresh energy into us – resurrection power into a new mindset, and a fresh heart. 

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Wake up. 

Deliver your pain into the Light. 


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