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October 31, 2016 fall fog


“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He got up, went out, and made His way to a deserted place. And He was praying there.”

‭‭(Mark‬ ‭1:35‬) HCSB‬‬
Good morning, God’s Child,

The morning fog brings a message this Monday morn. Every morning has a message. Slow down. Connect with God Most High. That first connection will set you in place to be sensitive to His guidance, His opportunities, His ways all day long. 

You have been assigned, as the Beloved of Christ, to be a walking generator of 





Someone on your wayfinder’s journey needs what only you can give today. You have been tapped in. 
Wake up. 



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October 17, 2016 sending


“Through the heartfelt mercies of our God, God’s Sunrise will break in upon us, Shining on those in the darkness, those sitting in the shadow of death, Then showing us the way, one foot at a time, down the path of peace.” (Luke‬ ‭1:78-79‬)MSG‬‬

Good morning, God’s Child! 

This is not an ordinary day. It is not to be taken lightly … By the way, Happy Monday to you – a fresh week, a glorious new adventure ahead today, simply because God paints a brand-spanking-new landscape every night, and we awake to experiences that have never before happened exactly like this. Who doesn’t adore God’s economy?!

With change and adventure coming our way today, and this week, spend a moment blessing your gifts:

The gift of a brand new day. 

The gift of people like you, with fresh hearts … hearts prepared to receive our love/God’s love … as they cross our paths. 

The gift of adventure we’ve never experienced before with souls we’ve not mixed with quite this way – they’ve been Divinely appointed to us, and us to them. (Mmm, let that sink in a minute). 

Bless this day with the extraordinary love of our Creator, (go ahead – send that love out ahead of you right now). 

Bless each precious soul – the love you send will return to you multiplied (more of God’s economy! Isn’t that cool?! And, exciting?!!). What kind of God plans and delivers that level of abundance?!

-Let this day be filled with joys for you – bringing new insight

-New understanding 

-Unexpected prosperity

-Eyes to see a freshness of new beginnings, especially in our must-do daily maintenance. 

God’s plans for you are GOOD! Open up to know His ways, accept them, and plan to know His love in full force!

Wake up. 

Send your love into this day. 


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October 12, 2016 terrible thing


“If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared. I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.” ‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭130:3-6‬) ESV‬‬

Good morning, Child of Grace,

The other day, I was a witness to a heart in a broken place, so crushed. I felt the pain lying just beneath the surface and became witness to the Source of Life holding this precious child together. Awareness heightened, as I checked in with my own history of brokenness.  

The Holy Spirit closed the gap between us. And, His holiness began a brand new work. 

I wonder what kind of brokenness will you bring to the game? What fears and failures will accompany you and close the gaps between you and your people? What broken places and places of grace will reach out to heal? 

It is no accident – our broken parts. Those places where we learn that grace is both a beautiful and terrible thing. Beautiful when we allow ourselves to receive it; and terrible when we are crushed by the weight of our brokenness and have to wholly feel every part of our pain as we choose to give it to the one/ones who tried to break us. 

What will you do with grace?

Wake up. 

Feel the grace. 


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October 11, 2016 


Good morning, SweetSoul,

What is your Creator doing in your life these days? Is life feeling heavy right about now? How is God stirring in you the signs that are pointing you toward your new place?
God of Wonder, 

God of Glory,

We adore Your ways with us, 

The way You speak, 

and how You choose to make Your paths known. Who could come up with Your ways? There’s no one like You. 

Give each of us new eyes today to see opportunities from everyday life. Let us see wonders that are at our feet and our fingertips, as if we are seeing Your world for the first time. 

Keep reminding us today to notice the good around us – no one’s life is perfect, but certainly we all have things to appreciate. 

Open our eyes, Lord, to see potential in the heavy places. Stir our hearts to love and trust you like crazy. Fill us to overflowing – with outrageous courage to move as You lead. 

“‘Sovereign LORD, I know that You have shown me only the beginning of the great and wonderful things You are going to do. There is no god in heaven or on earth who can do the mighty things that You have done!” Deuteronomy‬ ‭3:24‬ ‭
Wake up. 

Notice the unnoticeable. 


October 4, 2016 faith enough 


Good morning, DearHeart,Risk. Pete comes to mind when I think of taking risks. Peter is probably my favorite of Jesus’ close peeps. He was the risk-taker. He took the trust-step, right off the side of the boat. And, can’t you just see “the others”, from the safe wooden platform, life jacket within reach, shaking their heads, rolling their eyes, very possibly heckling: “here he goes again”, “Pete, quit being stupid, you’re gonna drown”, “he’s losing it, guys”. 

We know the story. Peter began to sink … we hear people and sermons on how Peter FAILED to walk on the water, but that is not the way my Bible reads. My Bible says that Peter walked on the water to go to Jesus:

“And, He said, “Come”. And when Pete was come down out of the ship, HE WALKED ON THE WATER to go to Jesus.” Matt 14:29

Beloved, this is not failure! Peter asked a huge thing of God. No wonder God used him in such a fantastic way during the days that followed. 

He’s also guilty of denying Jesus – but he was close enough to get caught. He had taken the risk to be close. No wonder he was the one chosen to preach the BIG sermon on the Day of Pentecost.

Mmm, it seems there have always been creators and criticizers. Some trust, even if it’s only about 77% worth, (or 7%!) that’s faith enough. Others watch securely from the deck in their chaise lounger with lemonade in hand, placing bets on your demise. Unfortunately, in the end, they are the ones that will be haunted by their missed opportunity. They could’ve walked on the water, too. They could’ve chosen to show up and participate in the opportunity. 

What “risk” is the God of the Angel Armies asking you to take? What victory does He have in store for you when you step right off the edge?

Wake up. 

Take His risk. 


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October 3, 2016 perspective


“But now thus says the Lord, he who created you … “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Good morning, PreciousOnes,
How are you starting your day? I used to wake up, especially on Monday mornings, full of anxiety and immediately begin mentally making my to-do list, afraid … well, actually, scared to death of forgetting something. Over the years with our Creator, I’ve asked Him to settle my mind down. Very often, before I fall asleep I ask Him to wake me with His thoughts instead of my own. And, since, He thrills at giving His children their desires, He mostly wakes me with an old southern baptist hymn running through my head. The benefit of His perspective instead of my own is that I walk into the day under His programming full of opportunity, instead of my own, which was full of groans and fear and wanting to pull the covers over my head in exhaustion. 

Rising in His thoughts – allowing His blessing to surround your day’s assignments – allow His perspective to pass into your list. He gives you new eyes. 

He shows us, in the process, that the 

daily work, 

the committee work, 

the family work, 

the relationship work, 

the love work, 

the whatever work – there is no need to make a drudgery out of it. He is working it out for His highest good/your highest good and greatest joy. 

He lightens the process. 

His light is the process. 

Trust Him. 
Wake up. 

Place your day in God-perspective. 

This was how He delivered my FIRST early thought this morn; and now it will be stuck running over and over in my mind’s background all day:

‘Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!

Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;

Redeemed through His infinite mercy,

His child and forever I am. Redeemed, redeemed,

Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;

Redeemed, redeemed,

His child and forever I am.

Redeemed, and so happy in Jesus,

His child and forever I am.’