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June 8, 2015 history


‘I offer thanks and praise to You, God of my fathers, because You have given me wisdom and power. And now You have let me know what we asked of You, for You have let us know the king’s mystery.’ (Daniel‬ ‭2‬:‭23‬ HCSB)

Hello, God’s Child!

Cute dress, huh? Look at those tiny ruffles. My grandpa’s name was Sam Coon. His mother’s name was Ella Huse Swearingen Coon. They called her “Gram”. Before my oldest brother was born, she gave this little dress to my mom and told her she envisioned a blue-eyed, red-headed girl wearing it. Many years and a couple of boys later, I wore it. No red hair for Gram Coon, but the girl part and the blue eyes part fit. I did not know her, but feel like I do because of the stories passed down to me through my folks and my Aunt Vickie. Gram was a soft -talker, and often as she spoke, she raised her chin slightly and spoke with her eyes closed. My grandpa often spoke with the same mannerism. 

She was gone before I came along, yet she is always present, I feel I know her and know her faith through stories – our family heritage stories. And, the stories lead back to the greater picture of our lineage in Christ. Our stories reveal our mysteries. 

What stories are you sharing with the next generation, DearHeart? As you and I tell those who come behind us, let the love of our Maker spill into the folds. Let us seek and find ourselves in the lineage He continues to build through us. Tell family stories. It is important. 

Wake up. 

Tell their a stories. 


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