October 1, 2014 cruella


Well, Mornin’ SurrenderedOne –

When my 3sunz were little they loved the movie “101 Dalmatians”. I can still quote the scenes from the old VHS tape we saw over and over. . . I woke thinking about Cruella DeVille. Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm’, right? She was a driven beast. Now, in my mind everything/every thought happens for a reason – so . . . maybe the Cruella in me needs to back off a bit. How ‘bout you?
You sure you’re heading down the right track? You needing clarity?
Let go of the empty weigh-down thingys.
Trust your Shield.
Simply trust the journey He is providing.
Ease off the gas pedal. Let Him unfold His Spirit in you without trying
to control,
steer or
hamper it.
Wouldn’t your life be more blissful if you didn’t drive yourself so rigid?
Wouldn’t you be present to your Maker’s peace, if you simply allowed the Holy Spirit to take you, instead of you trying to take your hours and wrestle them into the shape you think they should be?
Surrender is not about giving up our dreams, our hopes, our desires. It’s not about sinking into apathy. It’s about letting go of our notions of how life ‘should be’ and letting the Spirit, guide us back to ourselves. Sometimes the greatest act of courage is the act of surrender.
Surrender. That’s the place your dreams bloom.
Hand it over.
It’s Yours, Jesus.
It’s all Yours.
Save the puppies.

‘I will hide in God,
Who is my rock and my refuge.
He is my shield
and my salvation,
My refuge and high tower.
Thank you, O my Savior,
For saving me from all my enemies.’
2 Samuel 22:3 (TLB)

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About lewis3sunz

I am a blessed woman. Wife, daughter, mother of 3sunz, sister, author of 'Spirit Move Me: Memos to you that sway with the Holy Spirit', Jesus loving Oklahoma girl, I love exploring truth, early morning is my favorite time of day, teacher/trainer, lover of books and news and fascinated with butterflies, extreme right brained pondering creature; enjoy helping others find meaning, tap into their own inspiration and intuition to work more effectively, and overcome struggles and the rising and falling of life in the everyday grind and in small business/micro business worlds. Blessed with the crazy notion, the wild-eyed foolishness, and the madcap belief in the simple idea that I might help one to make a decision that makes a difference in the world . . . as stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous quote…“To know one life breathed easier because you lived, this is to have succeeded.” I get to use my small business background as a former owner of a Flower Shop and Hallmark Store and former co-owner of Disability Specialists, LLC, to help folks build dreams. I hold a M.Ed with emphasis on Adult Training and Education. I’d love to get my Doctorate in Educational Leadership . . . someday. My work centers on the belief that inside each of us lives a mesmerizing soul waiting to be revealed. Every day we can choose to trust the magic of our calling and take those unconventional moves to unlock an enchanted journey. I serve as Business and Industry Director and Business Development Services Coordinator at Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

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  1. Angie, I needed this today! On the one hand, I want to be led by the Spirit. on the other hand, I think God needs my help……He doesn’t. I just need to let Him unfold my life and I need to surrender and just “go with it”!


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