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January 7, 2013 fireside



‘Yet I am always with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me up in glory.’ Psalms 73:23, 24

Join me a moment, Dear BraveSoul.
Just sit by His fire –
Listen to the calling of your soul with wisdom. Let go of the list for a while.
To know what to do, act like you have been here before. Ask yourself, “if I did know what to do, where would I start?” And, begin.
Your Creator will lead you from there, DearOne. Ask for His guide.
Many earthlings spend their lifetime searching for what they already are:
We don’t become blessed, we already are blessed.
We don’t become peacemakers, we already are peacemakers.
We don’t become artists, we already are artists.
We don’t become helpers, we already are helpers.
Embrace Him. Embrace His lead. Beloved, ask your Holy Father to take you further into the fire of His truth.
Prayer moves you in closer. Begin.

January 6, 2014 tributes


‘Jacob set up a marker at the place where He had spoken to him — a stone marker. He poured a drink offering on it and anointed it with oil. Jacob named the place where God had spoken with him Bethel.’ Genesis 35:14, 15

Hello, SweetSoul!
You know, prayer is a sacred act. It is faith in action. Sacred. Trust.
Prayer honors our God of the Universe as
When you and I choose prayer, the power released in your Spirit fills your life with greater centeredness,
greater calm,
greater stillness,
greater passion,
greater love.
DearHeart, our human minds can not begin to understand the power released when we engage a prayer ….
voice a plea,
voice a praise,
whisper a prayer of awe,
dance prayer,
song prayer,
prayer of surrender,
prayer of wonder,
prayer of remembrance,
an action prayer,
a prayer of protection –
there are as many ways to pray as there are colors in a spectrum.
Choose many today as you groove into the pace of this week; you are His BelovedOne.

January 3, 2014 the approach


January 3, 2013 the approach

‘Therefore, I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or argument.’ 1 Timothy 2:8
Mornin’, SweetSoul!
Want more power?
Want action?
The single, most powerful practice there is, is prayer.
You and I must practice it with a passionate priority. Your life will be transformed to His Spirit-state as you offer Him prayer for others.
But, DearOne, to notice results, you must enter in … beyond just words … beyond hearing yourself or others talk with your head bowed low. Results begin to burst through the heavenlies, and into our hours when we choose to let go of our …
personal agendas …
personal satisfaction …
personal manipulation …
and, all of the psychotic games we have chosen. Letting go to enter in with His Holy Spirit is not the end – it is the beginning.
It is a constant, moving dance.
Prayer blazes a trail into the heart of The Almighty. He is devoted to bringing the power of His depths and wonder in YOU!
Wake up.
Embrace your prayer time.
Offer your life up.
Go to bed.

January 2, 2014 I plead my case


‘At daybreak, Lord, You hear my voice; at daybreak I plead my case to You and watch expectantly.
For You, Lord, bless the righteous one; You surround him with favor like a shield.’ Psalms 5:3 & 12

Good mornin’, ShieldedOne,
These radical prayer days – perhaps not the same script as you have learned and known. And, that is alright.
Breathe in …
now, breathe out slow and long.
Worries and fears and falalala nonsense will wave flags to distract you. The enemy forces them to the high surface to try to run trash in your quiet union with your Creator.
As a poison thought creeps closer – nod at it, ‘yeah, I see you’, then send it away.
Father God owns the power of this time alone with you. He and you have all control.
Focus in.
Fall into Him.
With every breath, fall into Him deeply.
Sit with Christ a while.
Just love Him.
Let Him love you.
Once you begin to experience prayer this way, you will be captured by the incredible fire gift of divine and sacred union with your Almighty God.
You will be clothed and caped with passionate love and with being attended to.
So simple.

January 1, 2014 staying power


Perseverance: staying power in doing something in spite of difficulty or delay.

‘Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert in this with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints. Pray also for me, that the message may be given to me when I open my mouth to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel.’ Ephesians 6:18, 19

Radical, transforming staying power kind of prayer.
You know, prayer might just be the most practiced spiritual habit of believers, yet the least understood. When we truly enter in, and get a glimpse of His Magnificence and the SPLENDOR that is revealed to us there – our souls are ignited in a whole new way.
The change this experience brings in you and in me not only adds rocket fuel to our growth, it also accelerates the awakening of the Devine, God Most High, in all who meet up with us. BelovedOne, the tickle of the ah-ha in us helps us bring more of Christ into this earthly gig.
2014-join me on this prayer quest. Together, we will enter in to braiding our hours together with His Holy Spirit.